Recipe: Triple Layered Berry Smoothie

BARBIE WOULD BE PROUD. I made this gorgeous smoothie last week Sunday when the sun was shining, I was dreaming of the island we're going to tomorrow, and just enjoying the fresh air. Craving a cocktail, I opted for something a little healthier with no alcohol but still a lot of fun. Ingredients 1/2 cup … Continue reading Recipe: Triple Layered Berry Smoothie


Product Notes: Modibodi Performance Underwear

In my search for an eco-friendlier way to manage that time of the month, I came across Australian Brand, Modibodi. Luckily, there was a supplier in South Africa, I Feel Good Co, which made it much easier to get my hands on the panties that will ultimately be a game changer during period week. Personally, … Continue reading Product Notes: Modibodi Performance Underwear