Restaurant Notes: Nourish’d

Almost missed this humbling, beauty of a breakfast spot the first time I visited but word got out amongst the Cape Town Fitness community and it had to be tried. Gems like Nourish'd deserves to be visited and supported often. My first visit was accompanied by long conversations with a friend to the point where … Continue reading Restaurant Notes: Nourish’d



Part 3 inspired by the Lorna Jane Active Living Diary Moving. A priority. A necessity. A lifeline. Sweating. My Therapy. My Alone Time. My Space. Lifting. My Strength. My Power. My Resilience. Breathing. My Calm. My Solace. My Peace. Reason Why I Love to Work Out It makes me feel fantastic Sets the tone for my … Continue reading Move


Part 1 inspired by the Lorna Jane Active Living Diary Eliminate Doubt Hate be True. Confidence Attitude Care Just Do. Authenticity Belief Love You. My Favourite Quote at the Moment: How Do I Believe in Myself? Eliminate Doubt via Awareness of Triggers Stop. Observe. Think. Proceed. Positive Attitude Practice Gratitude My Ultimate Believe Goal for … Continue reading Believe