Food Notes: Nanuki Brownie Bombs

When Nanuki Bars came out, it was a god sent. A good (and healthy!) alternative to store bought chocolate and of course for those with specific dietary requirements, Nanuki bars are the perfect alternative. The bars are generally a tad bit expensive but have always been a worthwhile purchase, and if you look at the … Continue reading Food Notes: Nanuki Brownie Bombs


2018: Maldives – Adaraan Prestige Water Villas on Meedhupparu

In Summary 17/07 [Tue] Seaplane Flying. Expectations Exceeded. Stepping into Paradise. A colorful underwater world. Four Course Fine Dining. Salad Dressing Shots. 19/07 [Thu] Floating Pineapples. Mermaid and Merman. More Sea than Land. Tan Lines. Patriotic Feminist Literature. Sunset Boat Cruises. Chocolates on Bed. 20/07 [Fri] Island Running. Sparking Wine Jacuzzi Sunsets. Reef Drop Swimming. … Continue reading 2018: Maldives – Adaraan Prestige Water Villas on Meedhupparu

Restaurant Notes: Homage 1862

On Thursday evening we decided to try Homage for the first time. The atmosphere and decor is absolutely terrific. The menu with enough seemingly delicious options to make you indecisive. Unfortunately our waiter was confused about their specials advertised on their social media and after a few misunderstandings, the manager came to clarify. Paying R150 … Continue reading Restaurant Notes: Homage 1862