Fuel Notes: Recovering from a Binge

It happens to all of us. We let go a little bit for a special occasion (and rightly so!) and then a week later we're still munching on all the leftover pastries, marshmallows and cake. Cake for breakfast, yay! Cake everyday for breakfast, my poor belly. We then tend to wait for the next Monday … Continue reading Fuel Notes: Recovering from a Binge


Reflections: Turning 30

Notes on some lessons I've learnt in life so far. On Life Don't regret or resent your hardships. It builds your character and provides a potential foundation for a strong work ethic. Travel as much as possible. Commit to it. Book it. Stand up for your beliefs, respectfully. Having a dog will change your life. … Continue reading Reflections: Turning 30

Recipe: Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie

With Easter around the corner and PMS is my life right now, I'm craving loads of chocolate. This Smoothie Bowl is a great alternative. Half frozen banana Half cup frozen Raspberries (extra for topping) 1 tsp Maca 1 tsp Psylium Husks 2 tbsp Cacao Powder 1 cup Almond Milk Handful Spinach 2 scoops vanilla protein … Continue reading Recipe: Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie