Reflections: Body Neutrality

The full video for this topic is on my IGTV.  Please feel free to join the conversation! Two types of girls on Insta Physique update 1. Confident and absolutely rocking their bod (nothing wrong with that as long as intentions are deeper than comments, likes and views I guess) 2. Those that would die posting something … Continue reading Reflections: Body Neutrality


Sweaty Notes: CUT by Natacha Oceane Guide Review

Natacha Oceane has been my #Goals for over a year or so. When I first discovered her vlog on YouTube, I was obsessed. Not only was this woman beautiful and strong but also intelligent, balanced, real and preaching normality among the extremes of health and fitness we are exposed to on our journeys. She has … Continue reading Sweaty Notes: CUT by Natacha Oceane Guide Review

Sweaty Notes: Sophie Grace Holmes Guide

About the Creator I discovered the Sophie Grace Holmes Guide via the Aflete app (Free!). Upon researching the creator of this awesome guide, I not only found Fitspo of the best kind but also one of the most positive and encouraging Personal Trainers I've come across on Instagram. This amazing, strong woman suffers from Cystic … Continue reading Sweaty Notes: Sophie Grace Holmes Guide