Sweat: Bush Bodyweight Workout

When on holiday or mini-break, I want to rest but if it's mostly chilling by pool or on my backside watching TV then it's important for me to get in my moving for the day. My tips for getting in your workout:  • A skipping rope is one of my travel essentials as it takes … Continue reading Sweat: Bush Bodyweight Workout


Sweat: Favourite Leg Day Exercises

I didn't plant to work out this morning but my natural body clock woke me up just before 7 and I didn't feel like hitting the books so I hit the barbell instead. My circuit this morning was as follows: Warm Up: 300 to 500 Skips Glute Activation (10 reps per side / 3 sets): … Continue reading Sweat: Favourite Leg Day Exercises

Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Pyramid 1

Ah the Pyramid, the tree, the triangle. These workouts test your endurance and it's definitely one of my favourite formats to use when training. This one does require a bit of thinking and keeping track of where you're at in the workout as you will be doing the strength exercises for 2 minutes, and then … Continue reading Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Pyramid 1

Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Boxing 1

This week's workout will inspire you to let go of some anger via Boxing inspired H.I.I.T workout. Punching the crap out of a bag is definitely on trend at the moment and I cannot wait to experience #RUMBLE this Saturday at the @Womenshealthmagsa #FitNightOut Time: 18min with below timing split I use Tabata timer which is … Continue reading Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Boxing 1