Sweat: Favourite Upper Exercises

Since my lower body injuries last year, I've learnt to really love upper body exercises! When there's nothing else you are allowed to do but you still want to move, you can still have one killer workout with only doing upper body movements. And let's face it, feeling strong and being able to lift heavier, … Continue reading Sweat: Favourite Upper Exercises


Sweat : Favourite Core Exercises

My journey started with Pilates classes. That was a good 8 to 9 years ago. The one thing that stuck with me all these years is how important a strong core is for all other forms of exercising. Running, Lifting, Yoga, you name it. Here's a few mini-circuits of my favourite Core Exercises which you … Continue reading Sweat : Favourite Core Exercises

Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Pyramid 1

Ah the Pyramid, the tree, the triangle. These workouts test your endurance and it's definitely one of my favourite formats to use when training. This one does require a bit of thinking and keeping track of where you're at in the workout as you will be doing the strength exercises for 2 minutes, and then … Continue reading Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – Pyramid 1