Travel Notes: Hand Luggage Only

➡️Adapt to your Destination, Plan Outfits and Check Laundry Services⬅️ Packing light definitely depends on where you're heading. Summer/Island Weather is easier to pack. I plan my outfits making sure I pack a variety that I can mix and match throughout my trip. For longer getaways, I check out if our accommodation has laundry services … Continue reading Travel Notes: Hand Luggage Only


2018: Maldives – Adaraan Prestige Water Villas on Meedhupparu

In Summary 17/07 [Tue] Seaplane Flying. Expectations Exceeded. Stepping into Paradise. A colorful underwater world. Four Course Fine Dining. Salad Dressing Shots. 19/07 [Thu] Floating Pineapples. Mermaid and Merman. More Sea than Land. Tan Lines. Patriotic Feminist Literature. Sunset Boat Cruises. Chocolates on Bed. 20/07 [Fri] Island Running. Sparking Wine Jacuzzi Sunsets. Reef Drop Swimming. … Continue reading 2018: Maldives – Adaraan Prestige Water Villas on Meedhupparu

Food Notes: Using the Entertainer App

Oh the Entertainer app, how this has changed our approach to dining forever. We purchased a subscription to the app in 2017 for the first time and we were sold from that outset when we redeemed our first 2-for-1 special. Because we're cheapskates like that. How it works: You download the app from either the Google … Continue reading Food Notes: Using the Entertainer App