Berlin Made shed parts of myself stripping me of masks peeling of the layers of angst Defusing the unrelenting solicitude of home Berlin Compelled me to be present In the beauty of my body, my safety Basking in the glory of true freedom Breathing in the refuge with no need for validation

A Capetonian Moving to Berlin

It’s been four whole months since the last time I posted on this blog. A small indication of how Berlin already changed me. To be honest, posting my thoughts and creating content has just not been a priority to me, especially during the chaos of changing jobs, moving to the other side of the world….

Before the City Wakes

Before the city wakes upFall in love with silenceThe solitudeAnd the safety surrounding me Before the city wakes upObserving quietlyUnconditional loveStrolls with four paws Before the city wakes upOrange uniformsScrubbing offChaos from the night before

These Shoes Were Made for Walking

These shoes were made for walking… The hilly streets of Lisbon.The Palace Gardens of Sintra.The Tipsy stairs up to Delirium. The Hitchhiking road from Le Pallet to Hellfest.The stupidly happy Zombie mode walk back to Clisson station post watching my fav bands.The quiet road back to the hotel while holding hands singing drunken Irish songs….

I choose

I am a woman I chose to not have children this does not make me less than this does not make me greater than I am responsible I am accountable to be happy to be free in my thoughts, my thinking and in the depths of my being I am a woman I chose not…

Look Up

Look up. Stop staring down. You will notice the beauty, and maybe a bit of sadness. But it will be raw and real Unfiltered, unscripted. A couple sharing lunch time laughs A girl with her brand new running shoes, unable to hide her smile. A busker, playing his music with his eyes closed. An older…

Reflections: Turning 30

Notes on some lessons I’ve learnt in life so far. On Life Don’t regret or resent your hardships. It builds your character and provides a potential foundation for a strong work ethic. Travel as much as possible. Commit to it. Book it. Stand up for your beliefs, respectfully. Having a dog will change your life….

Reflection: Endometriosis by Lisé Carstens

My sister @lisedcar has been suffering from Endometriosis for over 20 years. The following piece was written by her this weekend. Please share her story to raise awareness for the many women and girls suffering from this disease that don’t seem to get the recognition it needs. Endometriosis by Lisé Carstens The emotional and physical…

Reflection: 14 Days of Self-Love Challenge

February is the month of love. Love between couples and the time to live out all the romantic Clichés we see in those rom-coms that are shoved into our faces and which we willingly take and believe too. It becomes a standard for chasing the man of our dreams, the standard for being the damsel…

Reflection: The Art of Affirmations

Ah January, the month of resolutions, goals and big dreams. I love goal setting, I’ve always been a go-getter, a 110%-er. But this year, due to my knee op early in January, I decided to rather focus on my mental growth and will focus on my fitness goals after my recovery. I joined a 31…