Sweaty Notes: Motivation & Working out at Home

HOW DO YOU STAY MOTIVATED TO WORKOUT AT HOME? I get asked this question a lot because 99% of my workouts are done at home. I don't have a gym membership anymore and I hardly go to classes anymore. Why workout at home? To be honest, due to my heavy schedule with a full time … Continue reading Sweaty Notes: Motivation & Working out at Home


Reflections: Bikini Confidence

​ For a very long time since my teens, my fear of a bikini was irrational, spurred on by my lack of self-love, body acceptance and confidence. It's strange because as a young child I was a beach bum, with no care in the world. I love summer and when I look back at my … Continue reading Reflections: Bikini Confidence


Part 1 inspired by the Lorna Jane Active Living Diary Eliminate Doubt Hate be True. Confidence Attitude Care Just Do. Authenticity Belief Love You. My Favourite Quote at the Moment: How Do I Believe in Myself? Eliminate Doubt via Awareness of Triggers Stop. Observe. Think. Proceed. Positive Attitude Practice Gratitude My Ultimate Believe Goal for … Continue reading Believe