Recipe: Triple Layered Berry Smoothie

BARBIE WOULD BE PROUD. I made this gorgeous smoothie last week Sunday when the sun was shining, I was dreaming of the island we're going to tomorrow, and just enjoying the fresh air. Craving a cocktail, I opted for something a little healthier with no alcohol but still a lot of fun. Ingredients 1/2 cup … Continue reading Recipe: Triple Layered Berry Smoothie


Recipe: The BEST Mocha Smoothie You’ll Ever Have

Do you like Coffee? Do you like Chocolate? Yes! And do you like both COMBINED?! That's a big HELL YEAH! This is probably the tastiest Smoothie Bowl I've come up with. I've recently Wholesome Earth Hamper of goodies and it included Chocolate Loops AND Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans. I recently also tried out the Body … Continue reading Recipe: The BEST Mocha Smoothie You’ll Ever Have

Recipe: Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie

With Easter around the corner and PMS is my life right now, I'm craving loads of chocolate. This Smoothie Bowl is a great alternative. Half frozen banana Half cup frozen Raspberries (extra for topping) 1 tsp Maca 1 tsp Psylium Husks 2 tbsp Cacao Powder 1 cup Almond Milk Handful Spinach 2 scoops vanilla protein … Continue reading Recipe: Decadent Raspberry Chocolate Smoothie

Recipe: Tropical Egg White French Toast + Pine with a Kick Smoothie

Do you like Pina Coladas? EARWORM for the day planted! I was in such a happy mood returning from the knee doc the other day (he cleared me for low impact exercises from next week!), I felt like celebrating with a tropical brunch for one.  Tropical Egg White French Toast Ingredients: 1 Egg White 1 … Continue reading Recipe: Tropical Egg White French Toast + Pine with a Kick Smoothie

Recipe: Colourful Cabbage Salad

This is my go to salad, filled with colour of course and loads of yummy ingredients. This recipe was adapted from an Asian salad featured in Women's Health Magazine but I eventually started adding more ingredients for my own take. For the dressing, I would suggest either a Balsamic Vinaigrette or anything Asian inspired. Feel free … Continue reading Recipe: Colourful Cabbage Salad