Reflections: Body Neutrality

The full video for this topic is on my IGTV.  Please feel free to join the conversation! Two types of girls on Insta Physique update 1. Confident and absolutely rocking their bod (nothing wrong with that as long as intentions are deeper than comments, likes and views I guess) 2. Those that would die posting something … Continue reading Reflections: Body Neutrality


Sweaty Notes: CUT by Natacha Oceane Guide Review

Natacha Oceane has been my #Goals for over a year or so. When I first discovered her vlog on YouTube, I was obsessed. Not only was this woman beautiful and strong but also intelligent, balanced, real and preaching normality among the extremes of health and fitness we are exposed to on our journeys. She has … Continue reading Sweaty Notes: CUT by Natacha Oceane Guide Review

Sweaty Notes: Polar M600 + Fitness Tracker Tips

After having my Polar A360 for more than 2 years, it was time for an upgrade. I am a Polar brand loyalist as I found their app and devices stable , reliable and tough enough to deal with my training and my clumsiness. When deciding to upgrade, I took into account that running has become … Continue reading Sweaty Notes: Polar M600 + Fitness Tracker Tips

Sweaty Notes: Fitbands & Thrust by Fit Farm Girl

I love supporting local business as you've seen. When Fit Farm Girl launched her Fit Bands range and her product was all over my feed I was determined to try it out, especially when she released the Thrust Barbell Pad. Service and delivery was outstanding and Camella went the extra mile to keep me posted … Continue reading Sweaty Notes: Fitbands & Thrust by Fit Farm Girl

Food Notes: Nanuki Brownie Bombs

When Nanuki Bars came out, it was a god sent. A good (and healthy!) alternative to store bought chocolate and of course for those with specific dietary requirements, Nanuki bars are the perfect alternative. The bars are generally a tad bit expensive but have always been a worthwhile purchase, and if you look at the … Continue reading Food Notes: Nanuki Brownie Bombs

Travel Notes: Hand Luggage Only

➡️Adapt to your Destination, Plan Outfits and Check Laundry Services⬅️ Packing light definitely depends on where you're heading. Summer/Island Weather is easier to pack. I plan my outfits making sure I pack a variety that I can mix and match throughout my trip. For longer getaways, I check out if our accommodation has laundry services … Continue reading Travel Notes: Hand Luggage Only