Fuel Notes: Cape Town Healthy Foodie Spots


Over the last few months I’ve realized that us Capetonians are super spoiled for choice with healthy restauranta and take out options. If you venture on to my Instagram you’ll see that most weekends we eat out and to protect that waistline,  I like to make healthy eating choices most of time.

Being in the midst of many options that cater for all taste buds and food sensitivities, the biggest curve ball you’ll have when wanting to enjoy a meal out, is the overwhelming options available to delight the foodie in you.

Below is a list of Healthy Foodie Spots in Cape Town (and a bit about them too!) that I’ve visited and I’ve even loaded them on a Google Maps list for ease of convenience. 

Yo Goodness Café

I love this place so much that I think I’ve tried almost half of all their dishes to date. Oh and they have the best Vegan Ice Cream in town. The food, the view and the vibe is so damn perfect I dedicated an entire blog post to them.  Read it here


Nourish’d Café & Juicery

What I love about health foodie places is that most of these establishments are dedicated to sustainable and ethical practices, and Nourish’d was at the forefront of this movement. Unbelievable Smoothie Bowls as Artwork. Keep an eye on the special board for Rainbow Flapjacks. Portions bigger than your face.

Coco Safar Sea Point

This gem was recommended to me by the Google algorithm one morning post promenade run. And even though most of the items are oozing indulgence, there are healthy meals on offer too. It’s cheat’s heaven with balanced options and small enough portions to enjoy guilt-free. Oh and did I mention it’s a Fine Dining Breakfast spot? What more could you want post workout.



Every place on this list is a gem and Sweetbeet is one of the shiniest as it’s situated in a world of takeout temptation but still remains the best, healthiest and tastiest option. You now have more than 1 excuse other than retail therapy to visit Canal Walk.


Blended Health Café

Far from the CBD but worth the road trip. Be sure to book a yoga class or at least a beach mission while you at it for the perfect health day out.

JARRYDS Espresso Bar + Eatery

Another eatery that you have to try with a balance of good and evil. For post night out or post workout fuel.


Loading Bay

Sustainable and ethical sourcing of ingredients combined with a flare for healthy flavours.

The Kind Kitchen

The perfect place to convince your non-vegan friends to dabble in conscious eating habits. Did not get pictures on my first visit so have to go back!

Jessy’s Waffles

I’ve tried Jessy’s a few times and the third time was a charm. With savory waffles and portions so big, it’s definitely to be shared between friends, they finally wan me over with a vegan cheese stuffed zucchini waffle and almost converted my insatiable sweet toothed self.



Skinny Legs Luxury Café

Yet another beautiful, calm spot in the hustle of the CBD. Skinny Legs was another Google algorithm win with it’s interesting combinations for the health conscious that’s different to the usual sweet options on offer from competitors.

The Electric

The cold perfection of their pressed juice is a refreshing treat on a hot summer’s day.


Swan Café

Crêpes better than you’d find in Paris. Healthy dependent on what you choose. Booking in advanced is recommended.

Scheckter’s RAW Gourmet

The Original Creators of Matcha Flapjacks and still one of the best. Vegan options galore.


The Strangers Club

Hidden Gem in the heart of Green Point with tasty smoothie bowls and breezy yet refreshing outside seating.

Harvest Cafe & Deli

Dainty place in the Bo-Kaap where even non-vegans can enjoy the scrumptious Eggs Benedict on Zucchini Fritters with sauteed mushrooms and cranberries

Places yet to try:

  • Whey In
  • Café Frank
  • Raw and Roxy
  • Root Bar
  • Free From Eatery
  • Marrow
  • Orchard on Long
  • Primal Kitchen
  • Wild Sprout
  • The Kitchen
  • Plant
  • Superette
  • Fresch Foods

I will try to update this blog post from time to time as I visit new places. If I missed anything, let me know!

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