Fuel Notes: Yo Goodness Café


If you live in Cape Town CBD or the Atlantic Seaboard, you are spoiled for choice when opting for healthy, convenience foods or restaurants. After a walk or run on the prom, it’s easy to go off to a market or trendy smoothie bar to ensure that you stick to your health goals.

But drive a little bit inland or along the opposite site of the coastline, options become extremely limited. I frequented the spot previously known as FrozenYo on many occasions before. The menu that stage was limited to waffles already catering for fitness freaks and health junkies (I will never forget the protein waffle with peanut butter and vanilla Frozen Yo) and delicious frozen yoghurt. An idea was born, an opportunity was presented and the rest is history, all to the absolute satisfaction to us Capetonians outside of the CBD.  Enter Yo Goodness Café, a blessing sent by the health gods from above.

Yo Goodness Café offers a vegan menu with no meat of course and extremely little diary, with meals catering to those who are gluten intolerant, sugar avoidant and after a great tasting vegan ice cream. Add in the gorgeous view of Table Mountain, fresh from the ocean under 100m away, simplistic decor and you have yourself the perfect eating spot to cool off post coastal run or to catch up with friends.


Over the last few months, I have found myself at this gem at least twice a month, introducing colleagues, friends and family to the wonders of plant based options, healthy delights and smoothie bowl creations. I’m on a mission to try everything on their menu and their reasonable prices do make it easy on the pocket (especially compared with their CBD counterparts).  Service is always with a smile and extremely helpful.

What I have tried…so far

Smoothie Bowls

The current menu offers 4 smoothie bowls of which I’ve tried 2 variations:

Acai Berry, Blueberry, Pineapple, Baobab, Date, Vanilla, Goji Berry, Chia Seed & Hemp Smoothie Bowl with Yo Goodness in house Gluten Free, Sugar Free Granola, Fresh Fruit and Date Tahini Drizzle. 


Mango, Papaya, Passion Fruit, Goji Berries, Lacuma, Almond Milk Smoothie Bowl with Yo Goodness in house Gluten Free, Sugar Free Granola, Fresh Fruit and Date Tahini Drizzle. 


I found the flavours and combinations of the smoothie bowls very well thought out. None of the ingredients were overbearing, and the portions were made to keep you full until at least later afternoon.

Matcha Flapjacks

Super Green Matcha Gluten Free Flapjacks with Fresh Fruit, organic Cacao Chocolate Sauce topped with Agave and Vanilla Infused whipped Coconut Cream. 


This is one of the only places that seem to get the fluff in gluten free flapjacks right! Served with layers of Bananas, Strawberries and delicious Coconut Cream, this dish seem to good to be true for a healthy breakfast dressed up as dessert. Whether you want a healthy cheat treat or crave something sweet, this dish is a must try. –

Nourished Bowl

Ah Buddha Bowls, the mecca of healthy food options and this one was exceptional. A perfect combination of fresh, crunch vegetables and whole lot of good for your spice in the Falafel Balls and Kale Chips.

Falafel Balls, Zucchini and Carrot Spirals, Rootstock Chips, Avocado, Cherry Tomatoes, Spicy Kale Chips, Sweet Roasted Almonds and Tahini Dressing.


Gourmet Open Sandwiches

Crushed Avo with Chilli, Lime & Tomato Salsa, and Hemp Seeds served with Beetroot Hummus on the side. 


This is the type of toastie combination I love to try at home, but their version was definitely an improvement on mine. Kudos to the Beetroot Hummus and the fresh 100% Rye bread.

Ice Cream

On your next Sunday drive, I dare you to venture out to Table View for the Ice Cream. I’ve only tried the Pistachio Flavour and it was creamy, delicious and the perfect treat.



Note that Yo Goodness Café has become extremely popular but the wait for a table is absolutely worth it. The maximum time I’ve waited for a table on the weekend has been about 15 minutes, while I sipped on my Kombucha or Beetroot Latte, taking in the magnificent beauty of our city.




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