Recipe: Triple Black Forest Chocolate Flapjack Stack

When you need a breakfast that chocolate dreams are made of.


1️⃣ Banting Boulevard Chocolate Flapjack Premix (I halved the recipe)
2️⃣ Happy Being Co Cocoa Collagen
3️⃣ Antonia’s Peppermint Nut Butter
4️⃣ Eggs (as per premix)
5️⃣ Milk (as per premix)
6️⃣ Vanilla Essence (as per premix)
7️⃣ Yoghurt
8️⃣ Frozen Cherries & Raspberries


1️⃣ Whisk Eggs, Milk & Vanilla
2️⃣ Add Pancake Premix. Whisk Again.
3️⃣ Fry 1 tbsp dollops of the mixture in a hot pan.
4️⃣ Layer Stack with Nut Butter spread in between
5️⃣Mix Collagen & Yoghurt (COLGHURT!!! ™️ 🤣) to drizzle over stack.
6️⃣ Top with Cherries & Berries


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