Fuel Notes: Happy Being Co


The Happy Being Co

Launching from the Banting Boulevard brand, The Happy Being Co is a local company on the forefront of innovative collagen health products. They have a range of collagen powders suitable for adding to your drinks and smoothies, or even other healthy treats you can think of. They also created some handy and convenient premixes for those of us that are too busy (or like to Netflix and Chill but want healthy treats too).  

Visit their website here.

Potential Benefits of Collagen

After some reading online, the important thing to note when supplementing with collagen for example is that supplementation has to be consistent to experience any of its potential benefits. These benefits may include:

  • Improved Joint and Bone Health
  • Glowing and improved elasticity of skin
  • Improved hair growth and less hair loss


My Experience

Oh the worries as we get older. The toll that life’s stresses take. To be honest, wrinkles and laugh lines have never bothered me much as I truly believe that it’s the signs of a life lived. The signs of our experiences, challenges and of course beautiful moments filled with unstoppable laughter. So my mission has never been to rid myself of those “flaws”. 

I must admit, it’s only over the last few years or so that I truly started to take care of my body. Finding a solid skincare routine, stopped dying my hair and of course ensuring that I fuel my body with nourishing food was just some of the few things that I started to do. At times adding supplementation when I could feel that my body needed it and the time period in my life was a bit too hectic to stay on the home cooking, healthy eating track. 

Since my knee operation, I’ve also realized the importance of joint and bone health. As a female, we’re told that our bone health deteriorates with age. And being as active as I am, the importance of joint and bone health is definitely a top priority. So any supplementation, whether it works 100% or not, I am willing to try. 

I’ve been using the Collagen products for about 2 months and I can honestly say that my skin is glowing and I haven’t had any major breakouts. I haven’t experienced any significant joint/knee pain either. 

To me, trying new health products is a fun adventure and if my body benefits from the experiment, it can only be a good thing. 

Cocoa Collagen 

The cocoa collagen has a sweet taste that is perfect for my post-workout smoothies, especially after a long run. Chocolate milk has been said to be the perfect post drink with a great balance of protein, fat and carbs. Add collagen to the mix and you have quite the nutritious chocolate milkshake. 

I also used the Cocoa Collagen as Cocoa Powder in a Nutella Bliss Ball recipe adapted from Jessica Sepel’s Living a Healthy Life book. It was so damn delicious that I managed to polish these treats off within a couple of days. 


The Bread-in-Mug was definitely a pleasant surprise. This low carb bread was extremely easy to make and you could definitely taste the sunflower seeds which I loved. Topped with hummus, feta and micro greens; or avocado and sun-dried tomatoes.


Vanilla Porridge

I am the first to admit that I am a smoothie bowl breakfast girl and when I tried this porridge I was definitely convinced to widen my tastes and break my routine. The porridge’s texture is smooth and consistency soft, perfect for a fussy eater like myself. Topped with home made granola, cacao nibs and frozen blueberries, it was the perfect dish to break me out of my smoothie bowl habit.


Mug cakes have always been a hit and miss with me varying from premixes to my own creations. I would say this premix is somewhere in the middle because as much as I loved the taste, I did not get the texture right. Whether it’s the mix itself or me screwing it up (which is the most likely case), I still ate it because one simply does not waste chocolate cake! 




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