Fuel Notes: Banting Boulevard Premixes


Oh the beauty of premixes, saving me the shame of kitchen disasters and my husband being subjected to said disasters and buckets full of tears. My baking misadventures have improved though over the years, especially when attempting healthy recipes, but now and again, I still manage to do go crazy with the coconut flour and end up with flops that will never make it onto Instagram. Ever.

Premixes have honestly saved my life when I get the urge to bake, but my lazy butt cannot be motivated to measure each and every single ingredient meticulously. And those of you who are regular health bakers will know how many little bits and bobs of this superfood and that functional grain goes into one single loaf or power ball.

I was lucky enough to win an Instagram competition hosted by Banting Boulevard a few months ago, and I was keen to try out their products. My husband has been suffering from bad heart burn so we’ve been avoiding normal bread for ages now. The goodies I won contained gluten free premixes for pizza bases and HEBA, a perfect opportunity to test hubby’s intolerance and to experiment in the kitchen. The giveaway also include a Spicy Phudge Chocolate premix and that made my chocolate heart skip a beat.

In general, the premixes are easy to use, instructions are clear to follow and I only had one flop with the Vanilla Cupcake Premix when my hand got too heavy with the milk.

The HEBA mix was definitely the biggest hero out of the lot for me and rightly so, it’s even won international awards! HEBA is a mix of Coconut Flour, Flaxseeds, Sunflower Seeds, Psyllium Husk, Himalayan Salt, Xanthan Gum. The mix can be used to make bread (which I did), pap, porridge, muffins and a whole lot of other goodies your savory heart may desire. And a huge thumbs up from the husband for NO heartburn whatsoever.


My second favourite was definitely a toss up between the Spicy Phudge and No Bake Chocolate Bark. These mixes are so versatile, you can add a variety of other ingredientsĀ  to make it even more interesting. I made a Matcha and Mint Spicy Phudge which kicked some serious sweet tooth butt. Another combination that I loved was the addition of Goji Berries, Buckwheat and Hazelnuts to the Chocolate Bark mix. What I liked most about these premixes is the fact that I did not eat all the chocolate in one go. Due to it’s high fat content, one piece of rich, delicious chocolate was enough for the day and there was enough to spare to have chocolate every single day of the week. Score!

I also tried the coconut bread premix, which hubby polished off within a day (thank god I managed to get a pic in time for my IG profile!), the pizza base premix, the chocolate flapjack and chocolate brownie premix. All easy to make with the end result being absolutely delicious. Another fantastic feature of some of the Banting Boulevard range is the “Sweeten Yourself” option. These premixes have no sugar added and you can add your choice of honey, stevia, xylitol or sugar as you wish.


Full disclosure, I’ve never been on the “bantwagon” at all as I choose to follow a balanced diet which includes carbs. But I also love trying innovative health products and Banting Boulevard sure does satisfy that craving with great quality and convenient products.




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