Fuel Notes: KombuchOFF!


Kombucha, if you haven’t tried it yet, under what rock have you been sleeping? The sparkling drink rich in probiotics have been a staple in my fridge the last year, replacing my usual beer over the weekend during times where I just didn’t feel like alcohol.

As you may have seen before, my firm favorites have been HappyCulture’s range of fantastic flavours (They’ve just released two brand new ones, Pineapple & Lime and Raspberry & Hibuscus) and Zooka Health’s range of green tea Kombucha Drinks.

I’ve decided to be adventurous and put my tastebuds to the test to try a range of Kombucha drinks supplied by Faithful to Nature’s online store.

Theonista – Pomegranate & Rooibos Kombucha

The pomegranate flavour has a perfect balance with the Rooibos tea. It’s got a great amount of fizz and it’s sweetness is perfect for sugar cravings.


Brew Kombucha – Original

The Brew Kombucha was is one of the brand that came close to Zooka and Happy Culture for me. With Zooka’s taste and Happy Culture’s sparkle, it’s also a great substitute for a beer or a mixer for spirits. It’s level of sweetness is way more than the other’s that I’ve tasted as it’s base is Rooibos tea.


Zooka Health  – Original

This is my favourite Kombucha to drink casually around a fire during a Saturday braai with friends. Zooka’s fizz level is the same as a craft beer but without all the added calories and bloating. The tea blend they are using has a very unique taste which I love.


Dr Tom’s  – Coffee

Combining Coffee with Kombucha was definitely a dream come true in terms of flavour combinations. The drink did not have as much fizz as other that I’ve tasted and the flavours are not overbearing or too sweet.


Tea of Life  – Rooibos & Lemongrass

I absolutely loved the Lemongrass in this flavour, and the Rooibos tea taste was definitely more dominant than others that I’ve tasted. Fizziness could be a bit more but definitely a refreshing, healthy drink for a hot day.


Wyld  – Hibiscus & Rose

This unique flavour was light and fluffy like petals falling on my tongue. The green tea base can still be tasted but the level of sweetness is perfect. For those of you that drink Liefman’s Fruitesse, this could be the non-alcoholic version of it.


Happy Culture  – Blueberry & Basil

Remaining a firm favourite, what I love about Happy Culture’s range is the subtle sweetness and sparkle of their Kombucha. Their flavours are creative and it’s the perfect substitute for fizzy cool drinks like Coca-Cola, without the sugar overload. Another drink I would definitely enjoy socially instead of alcohol.





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