Reflections: Body Neutrality


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Two types of girls on Insta Physique update
1. Confident and absolutely rocking their bod (nothing wrong with that as long as intentions are deeper than comments, likes and views I guess)

2. Those that would die posting something like and feel crap about themselves due to either comparison to the first type OR just due to the societal “norms” that’s been shoved down our throats by media since the beginning of time. The type that may have that constant niggling feeling of not being “enough”.


There seems to be no balance between loving and hating your body. And I’ve vented about this before: the fact that we live in a world of EXTREME societal pressures and perceptions. There is no middle ground. BUT THERE SHOULD BE.


I recently read a fantastic article in the latest Women’s Health Magazine. How there is so much pressure to be positive about our bodies after years of feeling pressure for it to look a certain way from stick Victoria Secret to Plus Size models. The trends go from extreme hate to extreme love.

But we have to ask ourselves, is this normal and why is there so much pressure for us to look and feel a certain way about our bodies?

I’ve always been a big support of the self-love movement, preaching body love but deep down feeling out of place and a little uncomfortable in these movements, especially when I have off days and not feeling 100& happy with my body 100% of the time. Like a total hypocrite. But let’s be honest, it’s unreasonable to expect us to feel happy about our bodies all the time, especially if you look at the mental struggles we as woman had to go thru over the years.

And that’s the beauty of body neutrality, it’s the notion of accepting your body, showing it kindness but NOT allowing your feelings to overwhelm you. It’s accepting that you will have bad and good days, and it’s re-shifting the focus from the superficial to the actual thing that should matter most.


Being healthy looks so different to each and every person on this planet and it can mean so many different things to each one of us. But focusing constantly on just how we look is bound to be a circle of chasing something that will never make us truly happy.
So technically, what is health? “The state of being free from illness or injury”.

Now there’s a statement to think about. If you are not injured or ill physically, is there really any reason to punish and hate your body?

There is so much more to our bodies than what we see on the outside.
Our bodies are capable of doing amazing things. We can build strength, improve flexibility and of course run faster! These are few of the physical things our bodies can DO.

If we start focusing on the things that are going on INSIDE of our bodies every nanosecond, gratitude towards our body should become easier.

You would be shocked if you started listing all the million things that goes on behind the scene. Believe me when I saw there is WAY more to your body than ABS. It hosts most of your organs that are vital for you to actually live.

So hate your body because it doesn’t LOOK a certain way? I SAY SCREW THAT.

Let’s start thanking your body for its capabilities, take joy in the fact that you are healthy, without injury or illness, and show your body kindness, acceptance and respect.

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