Fuel Notes: Macromixes

It’s about freaking time that I do a blog post on one of the most convenient health products available on the South African market, MACROMIXES. Whether you’ve been on your health journey for a while or just getting started, the word “Macronutrients” should be fairly familiar to you. If not, in a nutshell, it’s your main categories of nutrients, PROTEIN, CARBS and FAT.

Enter Macromixes, the perfectly balanced product for healthy treats and more recently breakfast porridge. The brain child of the much loved biochemist and recipe developer, Maxine Schuiling, more commonly known as Sugar Free Sundays on Instagram. She created simplified solution to healthify your treats that won’t have you spend hours in the kitchen weighing and measuring the perfect macro split. By adding a few basic essential and your own spin on flavour, you’ll be able to bake up storm in no time.

I have literally been wanting to write this post for so long since this lady released her premixes back in April as I’ve been a follower for good year or so, attempting her no-fail health recipes from time to time. And when I say “NO FAIL” I truly mean it. My husband can attest to the various baking disaster in our messy kitchen over the 10 years we’ve been together. And even he commented that I am finally getting this bake thing right with this girl’s recipes!

Her creativity with healthy food and bakes has always been innovative and down-right inspirational, especially due to the fact that she uses local ingredients that’s easy to get in most of her recipes which varies from Protein Rusks, High Protein-Low Carb Brownies, Pumpkin Protein loaf and the tasty AF Banana, Bacon Protein Loaf (Pictured below).

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 Protein Nana Loaf

Protein Nana Loaf


This was the premix I was definitely most excited for as the variety that can be incorporated into this mix is fantastic. You can add any flavour you can think of to this premix: Chocolate, choc chips, bacon, raspberry jam, you name it! The texture of this loaf is soft and basically perfect if you stick to the easy-to-follow instructions. You can make them in a traditional bread tin or muffin pan. The mix also has no added sugar and it’s naturally Gluten-Free.


Vanilla Protein Pancakes

Protein Pancakes

I did realise how diverse this premix will be until I tried it. And I have tried it so many times that I managed to lay around with many flavour combinations. This must be the strongest selling point of the Macromixes Premix Range, the fact that you can adjust your baked goods flavour to whatever your heart and taste buds may desire. I’ve added many flavourings to my pancakes in the last while, my favourite being the Beetroot and Cacao Latter Mix by Superlatte. Side note, after I’ve had a serving of these pancakes, it fills me up until past lunch time as it’s Banting Friendly.

Vegan Protein Brownie



A god-send for vegan friends wanting to up their protein and no better way than doing it in a to-die-for chocolate way. I must admit, this fantastic premix was not in my first batch of premixes I tried, and I missed out on a few month’s of brownie goodness. But once I tasted it, I was sold. This is probably my favourite premix out of the whole lot mainly because of the 5min mug-cake recipe on the Macromixes Insta page! This beauty saved my late night PMS sweet tooth chocolate craving and then some. The Caramelised Banana Brownie Loaf is also a fantastic recipe to try out.






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