Travel Notes: Hand Luggage Only

➡️Adapt to your Destination, Plan Outfits and Check Laundry Services⬅️

Packing light definitely depends on where you’re heading. Summer/Island Weather is easier to pack. I plan my outfits making sure I pack a variety that I can mix and match throughout my trip. For longer getaways, I check out if our accommodation has laundry services or a laundromat close by. We used a laundromat during a 2 week stay in Europe and it wasn’t expensive to do a load of washing and tumble drying.

➡️Decant Toiletries and pack the Basic Essentials⬅️

Very important to remember that you’re only allowed 100ml bottles of liquid in hand luggage and it must be in a see through bag. Decanting your toiletries saves a lot of space and also forces you to only pack basic essentials. Here is my pack list:

• Bodyshop 50ml Banana Shampoo
• Bodyshop 50ml Banana Conditioner
• Bodyshop 50ml Coconut Hand Cleanser
• Bodyshop 50ml Chamomile Make Up Remover
• Bodyshop Bora Bora Foundation
• Bodyshop Mascara
• Bodyshop Concealer
• Bodyshop Vitamin C Moisturiser
• 100ml Sunscreen
• Tissues (very NB! for airport toilets)
• Toothpaste + Toothbrush
• Roll On

➡️Entertainment ⬅️ in the form of a book or your phone is really all you need. In ear headphones is definitely a must and I love packing a notebook to jot down notes about my trips or any creative ideas that my pop into my head.

➡️Minimalism is everything⬅️

Travelling gives you the gift of allowing to explore parts of yourself you’ve never met, it also provides you with the opportunity to experience how other people eat and go about their daily lives. Leave anything that may cause you stress behind at home.

➡️Health & Fitness ⬅️

I usually go for a run as it is the easiest (travel in your trainers!) or I’d have a workout on my phone. But giving your body a break isn’t a bad thing and stressing about food or alcohol intake will only make your holiday unpleasant. Holidays are for letting go, especially short ones of 1 week or less.


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