Product Notes: Modibodi Performance Underwear

In my search for an eco-friendlier way to manage that time of the month, I came across Australian Brand, Modibodi. Luckily, there was a supplier in South Africa, I Feel Good Co, which made it much easier to get my hands on the panties that will ultimately be a game changer during period week.

Personally, I wanted to change my approach to sanitary ware, to something eco-friendly and potentially more healthy. I stopped using tampons for a while and used panty-liners for quite a few months as my flow is pretty light due to being on the contraceptive pill. But the liners did give my skin a rash and there’s nothing worse to have during that time of the month when things down there is already super uncomfortable.

I signed up to I Feel Good Co, received a 10% discount, and started browsing through the options. The panties are pricey but considering the environment, I didn’t mind spending the bucks. They have different styles suited to all types of flow, from super light to super heavy.Β  Styles range from thongs to bikini to full briefs. They even have one especially for active girls like me and sexy ones with lace trimmings.

How it Works

Modibodi panties use “Modifier Technology” which is functional layers in the garment with makes it breathable, moisture wicking and smell resistant, while absorbing either sweat or blood.

My Experience

Wanting to make sure I had at least 2 go to options, I ordered:

  • Classic Thong – Super Light Absorbency – Black


  • Classic Full Brief – Light Absorbency – Black (totally Bridget Jones but the high waist is perfect for when period pains hit)


The panties were really soft, and figure hugging but not too tight. It felt comfortable from the get go and it definitely didn’t feel like I was wearing a pad at all. The true test came when the lady with the red car came to visit. Nervous and anxious to try out what I would call an “investment” purchase,Β  I used the Classic Full Brief during my first night of day 1 and it coped beautifully. When I woke up, I could see some blood on the lining of the panty but most was definitely absorbed. My second day is usually a lot heavier and the briefs had to be washed so I resorted back to my usual routine but I suspect I will need Moderate Absorbency to deal with this.

Day 3 came around and it was my first time wearing during office hours. Surprisingly it didn’t feel like I was sitting whole day in my own blood. I had a workout class in the evening and my goodness did it give me the confidence and ability to move, just like any other normal day. And on the 4th day I wore the thong for it was super light, super comfy and just right for the flow.

Overall, even though the panties are on the expensive side and you’ll probably need 2 or 3 to accommodate your flow and preferred fit, I really loved the fact that it made me feel comfortable during those few days of hell. It made me worry less about running to the bathroom every hour, and the fact that it made me feel like superwoman on her period during my workout was a real selling point. The only downside is that the thong had a tear on the seam between the band after the 3rd wash which completely made me doubt whether I want to buy another pair. Hopefully the briefs won’t disappoint after a few washes.








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