Drink Notes: Zooka Kombucha

If you follow me on the gram, you will know that I am a huge ‘booch advocate. This stuff is a great alternative to beer or a penchant for sugary soft drinks. When I won a case of Zooka Health Kombucha, I was ecstatic. Not only was it a brand I have not tried yet but I get to fully experience the benefits of drinking booch for at least a few weeks.


First off, I absolutely LOVE the fact that the Kombucha is packaged in a glass bottle. With plastic getting the necessary hate it does lately, I do feel brands need to step up their packaging game. Zooka has done that from the get go and it’s definitely a big sell for me.



Let’s get to the important bit, the taste! Now I’ve had my fair share of tasting other brands and have mentioned that I am a huge Happy Kulture fan with their champagne textured Kombucha (They are definitely chalk & cheese btw, both amazing but oh so different) . So to win me over, was definitely going to take some good gut-loving tea. And Zooka is exactly that. A raw, unfiltered and fermented tea, made strictly in small batches with minimal to now flavouring. You can taste the quality of this booch is top notch. A perfect accompaniment to any meal, any time of the day.


The most talked about benefit is definitely the Probiotic content of Kombucha which helps with digestion. Other beneficial acids include lactic and oxalic acid for more energy, Glucosamin for joint health, Amino Acids to help build muscles, Enzymes for assisting vital functioning of cells in your body and Vitamin B and Iron. 


If you haven’t gotten onto the Booch Bandwagon yet, I suggest you start with Zooka Health’s Kombucha




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