Sweaty Notes: Sophie Grace Holmes Guide Review

About the Creator

I discovered the Sophie Grace Holmes Guide via the Aflete app (Free!). Upon researching the creator of this awesome guide, I not only found Fitspo of the best kind but also one of the most positive and encouraging Personal Trainers I’ve come across on Instagram. This amazing, strong woman suffers from Cystic Fibrosis. She shares every part of her journey, struggles and wins, and remains raw and real throughout. Add the fact that she is total #GirlCrush material, just motivated me more to try this guide.

Quick Facts About the Guide

Phase 1: Building a Base (Weeks 1 – 3)

The first week was fantastic and a total shock to my system. I thoroughly enjoyed the run training after not being able to run at all  post knee-op earlier this year. Good short burst of sprint with a calorie burn that’s not too high. During week 2 I found myself pushing to lift more, but decided to add my usual skipping between sets and as a warm up.
Absolutely love the twist the Tempo training and Timed workouts brought and it reminded me of my time at Huba Fitness. Week 3 brought some new challenges and I had hubby joined me. Had to change the format a bit to accommodate a circuit style workout for both of us and the guide proved easy to modify for for 2 people with limited equipment.

Workout Types included:

  • SAQ (Skills, Agility, Quickness) & HiiT Training
  • Interval & Fartlek Training
  • Time Under Tension & Tempo Training
  • Fitness Test & Challenge

Phase 2: Strength & Power (Weeks 4 – 6)

The first work was a killer at 30min. Even when I modified some movements to accommodate my knees and added skipping, it still managed to be a tough as hell. And it did not stop there.  During week 5 the heat was really turned up with the conditioning sessions and reverse pyramids. My challenge time improved with just under 5min and I’ve never felt stronger in my life. My Fitness Test proved a radical improvement in “proper” pushups and I managed to do a 5min forearm plank. Sophie also loves to encourage you online and pushes you to test your limits. Her positive approach to life in general is inspiring and her fight against CF is enough to keep you motivated and think NO EXCUSES to NOT Train.

Workout Types included:

  • SAQ & Tabata Training
  • Strength & Metabolic Conditioning
  • Reverse Pyramids
  • Fitness Test & Challenge

Phase 3: The Athlete (Weeks 7 – 9)

Again it was level up time and I could really start to feel the soreness in my muscles post workout. This phase introduced more intense Barbell movements and included Pyramid Style workouts where the reps go down then back up again. I also started running once a week and upped my game to twice a week at the end of week 8 where there was an increase in rowing (I don’t have a rower at home so running had to do). The running days was coupled with about 20min Strength which I found to be an awesome combination to burn a lot of calories in a shorter period of time. Efficiency at its best.

Workout Types included:

  • SAQ & Endurance Training
  • Power & Pyramid Training
  • Strength Training
  • Fitness Test & Challenge

Phase 4: The Athlete

Entering the last, I knew this was going to be a tough 3 weeks. I’ve had to modify the box jumps to step ups due to my knee but amped up the movement with reverse lunges to step ups.. The workouts definitely became more crossfit style, with high rep challenges, pyramids to reverse pyramids, and circuits with supersets to give you DOMS for days. My running time definitely improved over the last few weeks and I find my lungs are coping at a pace just under 6min per km.


Results & Final Thoughts

This style of training definitely suited my body very well and I never got bored during any of the workouts. What I loved is that some of the workouts sets were repeated from week to week, so it was easy to see my progress in terms of strength and overall fitness. This guide is the perfect progression for anyone who’s completed BBG, or the Lauren Gleisberg Guides, or who wants to explore the world of Functional Fitness.

Currently I am not focusing on scale or my physique, but I did notice a tightness in my muscles and more tone overall. I am feeling the strongest and fittest I’ve been in my life, and feeling comfortable in my own skin.

7 x 7 x 7 Challenge

7 Reps, 7 Exercises, 7 Rounds – As Fast as Possible

Week Date Time
1 20 April 26:18:58
4 11 May 21:34:38
7 01 June 18:45:47
10 21 June 16:53:09

Fitness Test

Max number of reps in 1 minute

*The test in week 1 was different with 2 exercises. View my final fitness Test on my IGTV!

Exercises Week 1 Week 6 Week 12
Push Ups 19 27 31
Squats 36 43 46
Burpees 15 17 18
Push Press – 12kg 27
Swiss Ball Pike 25
Mountan Climbers 140 148
Plank 5:00 5:31

Strength Gains

Decided to track my progress for certain Strength Movements


Week 1 Week 12
Max Weight Max Reps Max Weight Max Reps
Back Squat 17kg 30 27kg 20
Front Squat 17kg 30 27kg 15
Deadlifts 42kg 20 47kg 15
Push Press 17kg 20 27kg 2
Barbell Rows 22kg 15 32kg 8
Barbell Hip Thrusts 17kg 20 47kg 20
Arnold Press 4kg set 20 6kg set 10
Lateral Raises 3kg set 20 6kg set 5
Unassisted Pull Ups 2 4
Chest Press 16kg 20 22kg 15



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