Reflections: My Health & Fitness Story

Weight Lifting. Jump Lunging. Deep Squat. Sit Up. Sweat Dripping. Heart Racing. Body Confidence. Self-Acceptance. 

I am Luci, fiercely independent and known for my ambition and perseverance. I am a Financial Accountant by day for a Social Media Advertising Agency and by night I am a part-time student while dabbling in playing drums of the heavy metal variety. I am a lover of all things Health and Fitness. Willing to try any crazy workout trends at least once. I love taking my workouts outside and being in nature. Self-confessed Active Wear Addict, especially Lorna Jane and local brand Mermaids & Unicorns. I have more sports bras than actual bras. And I’ve built up my own home gym over the last 5 years or so.

Where did this all start?

As a kid my nose was always stuck in a book or I was on the beach, swimming or body boarding, slightly active but never into athletics or team sports. My journey started with tears, self-loathing and hating what I saw in the mirror plus a relationship about to take the next level of commitment but with the ultimatum of me becoming more comfortable in my own skin. If you cannot read between the lines, my journey started just before I got married at the age of 23. I was never overweight but the pressure by society and media to have the body composition of a Victoria Secret Model was immense. I crumbled under insecurity, suffered from depression and put my relationship at risk through jealousy.

I had to start somewhere so I took advantage of the subsidized Pilates classes during lunch at work, moved onto Curves all ladies gym and eventually upgraded to my own home gym lounge setup with minimal equipment accompanied by exercise DVD’s during the first 4 years of my journey. It was tough forming the habit of daily exercise and I quit many times during those first few years.

An Unexpected Passion was Born

My attitude towards exercise really started changing when my desk job became stressful. Sweating became an essential daily coping mechanism, not only for my mind but for my body too. Sitting behind a desk for 9 hours plus a day was (and is still) really bad for my health but I love my job so there’s a catch 22! I’ve never been one for traditional gyms so when a colleague suggested to try out a brand new app called Fitkey, I was sold. With a variety of classes to try from functional training, crossfit and yoga, I was keen to take my fitness journey to the next level. I lived for the excitement of trying something new and  of course the gains that came with it. We turned a small room in our house to a gym room and my home training consisted of mostly BBG workouts.

At this point, my confidence grew and I started to feel really comfortable in my own skin. I could see and feel the results, and exercise was my saving grace from depression and stress. That endorphin high was priceless and achieving it in so many different ways was absolutely satisfying, and of course addictive. The only problem was, that I still felt lonely as my friends at the time wasn’t really into health and fitness.

So I started a Fitstagram

The reason I started my Instagram was to find friends with common interests, and to share my journey on how working out saved me from a deep depression and self-loathing. I was hoping to be part of a community of support and kindness. This has more than exceeded my expectations as I’ve met the most wonderful human beings through the platform. By documenting my health and fitness journey online, I hoped to inspire and motivate ladies to not let go of their health throughout their life and ultimately make fitness part of their demanding lifestyle.

Women in the modern word are expected to juggle busy lives between work, career, kids, studies and being a good partner/wife. Health and Fitness is usually the first to slide away and I want to show ladies that it is possible to fit in fitness if you live a “normal” life, and that it is an important form of self-care and self-love, which only comes with benefits such as improved confidence, and general health.

My Current State of Training

At this very moment, I am so proud of how far I’ve come in this journey. Last year I was fully committed to becoming calmer and immersed myself in Yoga at the beautiful myUtopia Studio.  This year, a minor knee op due to a meniscal tear, had me recovering for the first month of the year but I started my weight lifting journey soon after. This year I’ve chosen to gift myself with the goal of getting stronger.  To be empowered by the strength and capability of my body. To be inspired by the powerful women around me and to be the healthiest version of myself that I can be.


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2006 to 2018: From insecure teenager to confident 30-something



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