Restaurant Notes: Homage 1862

On Thursday evening we decided to try Homage for the first time. The atmosphere and decor is absolutely terrific. The menu with enough seemingly delicious options to make you indecisive.

Unfortunately our waiter was confused about their specials advertised on their social media and after a few misunderstandings, the manager came to clarify. Paying R150 for 2 plant based plus a dessert is definitely a great deal so we opted for that.

As a snack we orders the Broccolli (tasty!) and sweet potatoes fries (more confusion around this as it was more like store bought chips as opposed to fries you’d expect in a restaurant).

For main we all ordered a different plant based meal. Around the table we had the Holy Hummus, Burger, Green Curry, Risotto and La Cacciatora.

The Falafel with 2 of the dishes could have done with a bit more flavoring, same with the Burger Pattie. I had theLa Cacciatora was Italian inspired and despite the falafel lacking flavour, the tomato sauce and pesto was delicious. I had a taste of the Green Curry and it was definitely a winner too. Portion sizes was not overwhelming and more to the smaller side.

The Vegan Brownie was the downer of the evening. It tasted stale and like cardboard. A bit disappointing to say the least. The ice cream however was creamy and delicious but not enough to smother the brownie taste.

Overall the experience could definitely have been better and I would love to go back again to try more dishes off the menu. Even tho the service was friendly, it definitely needs improving.


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  1. John says:

    I’ve never tried a humus burger. How are they?


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