Reflections: Confidence in Your Entire Self


When I took the below picture a few weeks ago when I got this gorgeous piece from Online Bikini Shop I felt so damn proud about my health and fitness journey, and the amount of self-love and acceptance that came with it. Being comfortable in my own skin has been great for my confidence.
But confidence is definitely not just about how we feel about our exterior, our interior matters too. And by interior I mean, our hearts and our minds, personality and skills. Those things you cannot see immediately. We may see a girl walking down the street. She is breathtakingly beautiful girl but we may not know that she’s actually amazing at her job or has a caring heart. This begs the question. Do we value our exterior confidence more? I totally recognize the irony of posting this pic with this message but please do read further.

Confidence in your abilities and skills can be a game changer for your career or studies. All while remaining humbling of course. There is nothing quite like knowing you rocked that client’s socks off or successfully completing that a project you’ve been working on for weeks. Be proud of these accomplishment and give yourself a pat on the back for the hard work you’ve done. The more you acknowledge your wins, the more your confidence will grow.

Next up is confidence in your personality, your beliefs and your CHARACTER.Β  Accepting that you may be an introvert or extrovert, acknowledging your quirky traits and working on things like your impatience or other annoying irks. Recognizing your gold, and your shadow while having a deep self-awareness around it. This deep level of self-acceptance can bring so much self-respect, it’s incredible.

But how do we bring this back to body confidence? In my experience, when I’ve lacked confidence in any of the 3 areas above, it affected the others. Lately when I hated myself for failing intellectually, my inner voice around my body was negative. The converse also rings true. Let’s face it, if you feel shit about your body, will you rock that meeting in the morning? Maybe, but deep down that negativity will affect your overall confidence. It’s a downward spiral.

My advice? Work on the inner voice in all aspects of life, CONSTANTLY. Like healthy eating, and exercise, healthy THINKING also requires CONSISTENT practice.



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  1. John says:

    This is good. I’m 43, have a good job, and have worked out for years. But I still struggle with confidence. I guess it’s something we always keep working on.


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