In the spirit of being Faithful to Nature, being conscious about our footprint, and hating on the human race for it’s filth, I wrote Gaia for my band Junkyard Lipstick a few years ago. Music can be found here.Β 

  • Trampled upon
  • Molested, massacred
  • Centuries pass
  • Exploited and exhausted
  • Chopped the life out of her
  • Extracted by fucking force
  • Craved her crude
  • Soiled her soul


  • Kill as fast as you fuck
  • Humans are running out of luck
  • Destroy your descendants
  • Gaia will take her vengeance


  • Wasted evermore
  • Intoxicate with decay
  • Hordes of hominids
  • Choked her at death’s door
  • Discharge, contaminate
  • Tainted, barren skin
  • Swarms slaughter
  • Sterilized and ruined her


  • Impure inhabitants
  • Dense, stuffed populace
  • Thronged, toxic terrorists
  • Dwellers of disease
  • Nirvana victimised
  • Fumigate the folk
  • Earth exterminated
  • Snuffed, smothered, smoked

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