Sweat: Bush Bodyweight Workout

When on holiday or mini-break, I want to rest but if it’s mostly chilling by pool or on my backside watching TV then it’s important for me to get in my moving for the day.

My tips for getting in your workout: 

• A skipping rope is one of my travel essentials as it takes up no extra space.
• Do it first thing in the morning then it’s out of the way.
• Limit it to 30min maximum

The below workout will take about 30min and give you a good energy boost to get your day of chillaxing started. My average calories burnt was about 250 to 300 cals.

Bush Bodyweight Workout

500 Skips

Strength Circuit:
• 15 x Incline Push Ups
• 15 x Left–Narrow-Right Squat Combo
• 15 x Reverse Lunge Knee Crunch (per leg!)
• 15 x Tricep Dips

400 Skips

Repeat Strength Circuit

300 Skips

Cardio Circuit:
• 50 x High Knees (per leg!)
• 40 x Jumping Jack’s
• 30 x Lateral Bounds
• 20 x Squat Jumps

200 Skips

Repeat Cardio Circuit

100 Skips

Extra Credit:
Find an open space and do 10 Sprints! 


View the video on my Instagram.



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