Reflections: Bikini Confidence

For a very long time since my teens, my fear of a bikini was irrational, spurred on by my lack of self-love, body acceptance and confidence. It’s strange because as a young child I was a beach bum, with no care in the world.

I love summer and when I look back at my twenties I regret those beach days that was spoiled by the fear of wearing a little piece of clothing.

As we grow up, the media feeds diets and exercise plans to get beach ready accompanied by a good side dish of what a beach body SHOULD look like. The pressure to shed for summer time is harsh and shoved into our faces by every magazine, website and social feed.

​Add the perpetual judgement from society about our bodies, the way we should dress and act, the roles we must play to be “real” women. ​We’re exposed to it every second of every single day, sometimes even by our own parents, siblings and extended families. It’s a recipe for self-loathing disaster.

I’m a rebel at heart and as I grew older, I realized that ​life is too short for this level of insecurity. I’ve changed my lifestyle a lot since being a student and there is no reason anymore to feel this shit about myself. ​I deserve to feel comfortable in my own skin. To be be confident every step of the way.​

A huge breakthrough for me was traveling to Portugal in 2016. I packed a​ white bikini I never wore on my honeymoon in 2011. That fear had to be faced. Europeans are famous for their carefree attitude on beaches and this inspired me to try on that bikini. Beautiful women of all shapes and sizes embrace their bodies on these beaches. They bare more than us South Africans are used to and no fucks are given.​

​That’s when it sunk in. Being happy and confident in your own skin, is the biggest gift of happiness you could ever give yourself.  It takes practice, and changing your inner voice. It means challenging the very foundation of your own beliefs and upbringing, but know that you will grow and see the light with every step of self love you take. I’ve said this before and I will say it again. How to have a bikini​ body? Have a body, put on a bikini. And screw the rest.
Bikini by Online Bikini Shop

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  1. John says:

    Good writing, but also–wow! The Fit Metalhead rocks her bikini for sure.


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