Fuel Notes: Recovering from a Binge

It happens to all of us. We let go a little bit for a special occasion (and rightly so!) and then a week later we’re still munching on all the leftover pastries, marshmallows and cake. Cake for breakfast, yay! Cake everyday for breakfast, my poor belly.

We then tend to wait for the next Monday to restart our healthy habits, or we just say screw it until it’s a month later and we have huge regret. Building those healthy habits were hard work initially and the sooner you get back to your normal routine, the better.

Here’s my top 5 tips for overcoming a binge without the guilt:

  1. Don’t wait for Monday. Get back to your usual self asap. There’s no reason not to fill your plate with veg at your next meal. Include the following fruits and veggies in your next few meals: Watermelon or Canteloupe which is high in water; Bananas to increase Potassium intake (to help with bloat); Eggs/Protein-rich foods to help break down alcohol. Avoid high in fat foods at all costs.
  2. Up your water intake. This will make you feel full and help you to avoid snacking. It will also aid digestion and ease constipation. Drink Green Tea to detoxify; or Ginger Tea to soothe bloat symptoms.
  3. Get moving!Β But not too much. Don’t be tempted to work off this binge with a H.i.i.T session – this will only make your body feel worse and instills unhealthy thinking around your your eating habits. One can never out-exercise a bad diet plus exercise should NEVER be punishment for what you ate.
  4. Screw the guilt and urge to starve yourself. If you are anything like me and eat because you enjoy food, there is no use to ruin that happy moment by self-loathing. Move on and know that you’ve had healthier habits just days, even hours, ago that is still there with you. Tap into that mindfulness.
  5. Do not focus on how your body is looking at that moment. Had abs before brekkie, and now nothing? No big deal! Abs are flakey as f*ck and besides you are so much worth than a group of muscles. No one has abs and look insta-perfect 24/7. To be honest, who wants to be? Put on those comfy pants and baggy shirt, and know that you were enjoying the food and the happy experience that came with it.
Recovery Breakfast: Banana, Granola, Plain Yoghurt with Whey Protein.Oh and Coco Pops to be Extra (not advised!)

Source: Prevention.com



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