Fuel Notes: Supplements for Beginners

Once you enter the world of fitness, you may as well step into the sphere of supplements too. Supplements are definitely not an essential to your health and fitness journey, but it’s good to have some additional support when you hit a wall, or need that extra push.

In this blog post I will give a mini-rundown on the supplements I take and why. This is what works for my body but won’t necessarily work for you.


My first experience as a rookie to the supplements world was with Whey Protein. Not being a fan of eggs or eating meat with every meal, I knew my diet was seriously lacking protein. A quick google search on protein and exercise will immediately tell you that eating a protein rich meal straight after a workout “will prevent your body from using its own muscle tissue for energy and help encourage muscle synthesis.”

Loads of science behind that statement so I suggest before you embark on buying a supplement, do some good old research on whether you need to add additional protein to your diet, whether you are just starting out with your training or have been trying for a while.

I add whey protein religiously to my smoothie each morning and prefer Body by Wild’s French Vanilla Collagen Whey Protein as it has subtle flavour suitable for any fruit or veg smoothie in your recipe repertoire.

Top Tip: Check out SugarFreeSundays on Instragram. This lady has recipes that are high protein, macro-friendly and she just launched her own range of Macro Baking Mixes.


I didn’t know a single thing about BCAA’s (Branched Chain Amino Acids) until last year sometime. Some friends have joked about drinking their pre-workout and at times insisted that I try it at least once. To me it reeked of peer pressure from high school days. Of course I tried it and to my disappointment, my first time was horrid. It gave me horrendous heart palpitations and such a fright, I refused to to ever take it again.

Until my age and studies caught up with me this year. I needed an extra kick for my fasted workouts in the morning after a late study session the night before, and moving my workouts to later in day is simply not an option with my work schedule. After researching for a few hours, I decided to try out Body By Wild’s Cotton Candy Pre-workout and it was fantastic in assisting with my 5am morning workouts. Once again, a quick google search states “BCAA’s can be easily used during exercise to reduce fatigue, accelerate recovery, reduce muscle soreness, and improve the use of fat for energy.”

Top Tip: Check out Nathalie on Instragram. This Irish Personal Trainer shared her knowledge on BCAA’s recently and finally gave me the clarity on why my body would need BCAA’s. Her workout videos are kick ass too.



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