Sweaty Notes: Lauren Gleisberg’s Weight Training Plan 2.0 for Home (Review)

About the Creator

Lauren Gleisberg is an American Personal Trainer with a successful community of girls participating in her online workout challenges and workout programmes.


Quick Facts About the Guide

The Layout

This guide consists of 2 phases over 8 weeks, with a variety of strength training workouts focusing on either Lower or Upper Body. There is an additional Cardio and Ab add on plan which I also included. On average there are 6 workouts a week in the strength section, and 5 workouts in the cardio ab on plan. The structure of the guide and workouts are well planned and thought out. A lot of effort went into planning this guide and it shows beautifully.

Duration of workouts

  • Phase 1: 20 to 30min
  • Phase 2: 30 to 40min

I combined 2 workouts into one 60min session as I am used to a full hour of working out each day.

Equipment Required

  • Dumbbells (I used a Barbell for some movement as I have one at home)
  • Step
  • Resistance Band

The Workout

Phase 1

Eases you into strength training and it’s a fantastic start if you are beginner and want to start lifting. I started the guide 6 weeks post my Knee Arthroscopy as part of getting back into my normal exercise routine after my operation and found the guide easy to modify where needed and suitable for light weights. I avoided intensive plyometrics and combined the plan with the Sweat it to Shred it Guide by Sarah’s Day  for the cardio add on days.

Important note, due to the fact that I couldn’t run after my op, I included skipping in the workouts – usually 100 to 200 skips before a set of exercises. This made a phenomenal difference in keeping my heart rate elevated and my calorie burn high.

The workouts for phase 1 include rep-based workouts focusing on:

  • Legs
  • Push
  • Pull
  • Cardio + Abs

I absolutely love the Glute Activation sections on certain leg days. The movements are simple enough to do with dumbbells or barbells where possible. The workouts do have supersets which gave me DOMS for days on all those rarely worked muscles, which I did not mind at all.

Combining the workout days together (eg Legs + Push) gave me a fantastic full body workout. The workouts are easy enough for beginners but tough enough for intermediate because the exercises allow for progression in weight.

I put out my Saturdays for Ab workouts (about 15min each, 3 sessions required a week) specifically and it worked my core hard. The plank exercises are creative and I never got bored by combining the sessions into one. 

Phase 2

After 4 weeks it was time to level up and boy did this guide provide the challenge. I definitely felt stronger as I’ve upped my weights and did certain movement with the 8kg dumbbell set. The variety of exercises ensured that every single muscle in the body was targeted.

At this stage, I was still not able to run so I continued to add skipping to my workouts usually 100 skips before a set of exercises. It did however add a bit of time to the workouts when I combined 2 sessions and it definitely was not needed (especially when combining Legs and Glutes!)

The workouts for phase 2 include a focus on:

  • Back & Biceps
  • Legs
  • Chest & Triceps
  • Glutes and Shoulders
  • HiiT
  • Abs

The workouts were definitely more varied and included some HiiT movements after supersets. I increased my weight steadily on movement like squats, lunges and deadlifts. I tried my first few sets with a heavier weight when using dumbbells, and only dropped to lighter weights when I really could not go on anymore. This approach definitely kept my heart rate up.

Phase 2 also introduced Circuits to the workout types and this provided a good timed challenge to push myself. This was a refreshing addition to the already awesome rep-based workouts.



I highly recommend this guide for anyone wanting to start weight training. Lauren has clearly put an immense amount of effort into the guide and it’s motivated me to try out her other workout plans. . I loved that the guide allowed for progressions and poised challenges every few weeks.   Her thorough approach ensures that the plan is fantastic value for money.

This guide is definitely a refreshing option to other popular guides like BBG. The amount of strength I’ve gained during the last 8 weeks while still in recovery mode has been such an empowering experience. By the end of this plan, I felt stronger and fitter.

A quick note on Transformation and Progress

I am currently in what I like to call “Maintenance Mode” (click to read more) which means that my focus is not on losing weight or physique driven at all. For me during this program it was important to gain back my strength post op and feel better. And that’s exactly what happened. I am feeling stronger, fitter and so damn comfortable in my own skin. Being able to lift more is a real confidence booster for me, and I do feel more “toned” in certain areas. The combination of the guides definitely made me realise too that being fit and able to exercise is such a great privilege. Respect it. Appreciate it.


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