Sweaty Notes: Adizero Prime Parley Shoes

Keep Our Oceans Blue, Our Planet Green and Our Animals Safe

I grew up on the beach, close to the ocean. As a kid everyday after school my toes were in the sand, testing the ice cold Atlantic Ocean. Most afternoons I braved those cold waves on a bodyboard. It was my solitude and my savior. My love for the ocean is deep ingrained into my soul. I even got the ink to prove it.


When Adidas released their first Parley shoe I was ecstatic. A way for me to combine my love of fitness with supporting my love for the sea. From threat into thread, Adidas upcycle plastic from beaches and coastal communities before it ends up in our beautiful oceans, and use it to create these beauties through eco-innovation.

These shoes are lightweight, comfortable and of course, really pretty. My first training session in them felt like I’ve already worn them in and had them for ages. The softness reminded me of the sand those toes of mine love so much. The bounce and support during Interval Training was perfect and I did not feel any impact on my operated knee.

Shop the PARLEY Collection


We’re destroying the biggest source of life and beauty on this planet by being absolutely disgusting humans. It’s repulsive. What can you do?

  1. Say no to straws. I changed to a steel straw about a year ago and have a spare permanently in my hand bag, in a ziploc. Get yours and other alternatives to straws from Faithful to Nature
  2. Choose reusable bags. These days places like Typo have fantastic and cute bags. No excuses. 
  3. Eat Sustainable Fish. 
  4. Help clean up beaches. Just because you didn’t put it there, doesn’t mean you can leave it there. 
  5. Buy a reusable water bottle. I’ve been doing this for years and it really helps me get in my water intake for the day.
  6. Switch to driving a scooter. It will save you time, money and our environment too. 
  7. Recycle. Reuse. Reduce.


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