Restaurant Notes: Nourish’d

Almost missed this humbling, beauty of a breakfast spot the first time I visited but word got out amongst the Cape Town Fitness community and it had to be tried. Gems like Nourish’d deserves to be visited and supported often. My first visit was accompanied by long conversations with a friend to the point where we did not realise we had spent 3 hours plus enjoying the food and the vibe. I had to come back.

Nourish’d is an intimate spot, in the heart of Gardens (Cape Town) with an extensive menu to provide for the health obsessed. Or anyone on the hunt for the perfect Smoothie Bowl or Avocado Toast (I haven’t tried their toast yet but the food envy kicked in when I saw like an avalanche of accompanied by sprouts and only the freshest ingredients on my neighbour’s plate).

All dishes are cooked fresh in the kitchen where you can witness the art being made. Having tried only their Smoothie Bowls (The Boobalicious and Bladdy Blazin’ Berries – yes the names are cheesy and put a good smile on my face when ordering), I can honestly the say it’s best I’ve ever had. The combination of flavours and superfood is delicious and enough to keep you full for a few hours.

A huge compliment has to go to the staff who are the friendliest I’ve met during my foodie adventures. Their kindness and energy is contagious. On side note, I absolutely LOVE their eco-friendly approach to serviettes and bottles. Innovation and health is definitely a heart-warming combo.

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