Part 2 inspired by the Lorna Jane Active Living Diary

Food glorious food. The source of many moments of joy and anxiety for I bet many of us.  Getting to the point of being comfortable with your eating habits and eating intuitively to suit your body and soul’s needs is difficult BUT it is possible. With practice, consistency, and leniency. Yes leniency! No restriction required because restriction ultimately leads to either a binge episode, guilt or both.

Nourishment is key. Eating according to what your body needs, paying attention to the physical signs and listening to your soul too once in a while. Food should be fuel for a healthy body and mind. Even if it means indulgence now and then WITHOUT the guilt.

My favourite nourishing foods to eat

Avocados, Smoothies, my hubby’s Potjie, his Spinach Curry too. Berries, Baby Broccoli, Edamame Beans and Salmon when I can afford it.


Things I love to cook

  • SugarfreeSunday’s Baked Goodies – a must try is the Hot Cross Bun Protein Rusks.
  • Smoothie Bowls with elaborate toppings accompanied by an Instaworthy photo.
  • Date Balls of all flavours but mostly Salted Caramel and Choc Mint
  • Meat Free Veggie Meals

Thing I want to try cooking/making

  1. Flavourful veggie dishes
  2. Fruit Free Smoothies
  3. Own Granola
  4. Own Kombucha


Good food makes me feel

Healthy AF. Energized. Good about myself. Happy like my Lemmy in this pic!



Healthy food swaps I will make this year

  • Healthy Snacks over the weekend (more fruit and macro-friendly goodies!)
  • Caulinoodles instead of noodles/spaghetti
  • Almond Milk
  • Home Made “Junk Food”

I already basically drink no soda, and don’t eat any white grains such as white bread or white pasta.

My ultimate nourish goal for the year




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