Sweaty Notes: Why Invest in a good sports bra

Our coconuts, tatas, knockers, twins, kahunas, boobs, BREASTS! It comes with territory when we’re born and throughout our life they present us with challenges. And one of those challenges are definitely when we start a new training plan, take up running and join that H.i.i.T class. Nobody likes the bounce around, back pain or a bra going see through mid-workout.

Unfortunately for me, my breasts was the first to go when I lost “fat” but this doesn’t mean that they did not need good support while working up a good sweat.  My love affair with Lorna Jane started by chance. I won a stunning bra via an app and I was sold. Well at least every time there is a sale because a Lorna Jane bra is a big budget item but an essential for an active girl like me.  Their sports bras are expensive but if you look at the value and quality you get from this brand, it truly is priceless. We do after all spend a good amount of money on trainers for our feet, so why not give the same amount of love to your pair higher up.

My Top Three Reasons to Invest in a Quality Sports Bra

  1. It supports your movement, posture and ensures that your breast friends stay in place throughout your workout. Long term lack of support can lead to droop-age of over time and let’s face it, we’re already working hard on those chest presses to keep them perky.
  2. A good quality bra will NOT go transparent. Not when you sweat up a storm, and if you’re anything like clumsy ‘ol me, it will save you the embarrassment of shine through whilst you chug down water and accidentally spill some on yourself.
  3. The three C’s: Comfort, Cooling and Circulation. The last thing you want while working out is distractions. A bra that’s tight in the wrong places, or too revealing, or even worse non-absorbent and requires another workout to take it off post workout is the absolute worst.

Need some tips on choosing the right bra for your size and preferred exercise? This article by Fitness Magazine is a fantastic guide. 



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