Reflection: Maintenance Mode


A younger me dreaded this phase. With nothing to lose, how would I track any type of progress I am making? How would I prove to the world that I am worth their likes, follows and kudos? How would I prove to myself that I am indeed exercising enough, eating clean enough? Pffffftttt… I can only laugh at this version of myself and be thankful that I moved on from that, swiftly.
With nothing to lose, I realized that I had everything to gain in terms of strength and fitness. The last few months I’ve worked on my strength and I am loving it. And that’s where I am now. Maintenance. Move, Nourish, Love, Repeat indeed. At this point exercise is part of a overall healthy lifestyle and so is eating rabbit food, drinking protein smoothies. Good habits are imperative for maintenance.


When your goal is to lose or pick up weight, the scale and measuring tape could be a good tool for tracking even though I recommend not to obsess about it. That’s a downward spiral you do not want to get stuck in. If you have reached your goal, well done and now it’s time to step away from the scale. Slowly. I found that because the scale mentality is ingrained in us (@squatforpancakes and I can talk on for hours about this) it can be discouraging stepping on it during maintenance mode and seeing a kg or 2 creeping on. A kg or 2 that can be due to the following reasons:
  • Muscle Gain & DOMS
  • Hormones & Cyclical Variations
  • Water Retention and Dehydration
  • Indulging in your favorite meal
Case in point, I did my monthly weigh in this morning and with time I am learning to switch off my emotions to it. In the last month I’ve
  • gained a kg
  • have the same body fat
  • my booty grew by 2cm
  • my tummy lost 3cm
  • my boobs lost 2cm

These changes are incremental and so damn small, and it should not effect my mood at all. It can all be due to the reasons mentioned above. Weighing and measuring can lack so much depth as it does not show the emotional and mental growth we’ve undergone.

My approach has been as follows: Happy with reaching your goal? Then stay happy by hiding away the scale. Even better, chuck it in the fuck it bin.


I realized that even though there’s always room for improvement aka a better self; it’s also ok to be in a space where you have pure enjoyment out of exercise with no long term goal in mind other than to BE HAPPY, with where you are at now and with the skin you’re in. To just move every day because I want to and do an exercise guide/program that looks like fun to me, for now.
We don’t always have to do what everyone else is doing to fit in. Their choices won’t necessarily be complimentary or supportive even, of your lifestyle. Finding what makes you happy in this health and fitness journey, and sharing it with the world on this platform, can be a balancing act of losing your authenticity in trends or staying true to what makes you happy. Today my wish for you is to stick to the latter. Your heart, your mind and your body will appreciate it.


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