Food Notes: Using the Entertainer App

Oh the Entertainer app, how this has changed our approach to dining forever. We purchased a subscription to the app in 2017 for the first time and we were sold from that outset when we redeemed our first 2-for-1 special. Because we’re cheapskates like that.

How it works: You download the app from either the Google Play Store or iStore, pay the annual fee (it does not auto-renew) and then it gives you access to thousands of 2-for-1 deals and discounts in the following categories:

  • Food and Drink
  • Beauty and Fitness
  • Attractions and Leasure
  • Fashion and Retail
  • Everyday Services
  • Travel

The options are endless within the app with each vendor giving you access to 3 vouchers in total. Plus, when you earn Smiles with the Entertainer’s Loyalty System, you can buy back a voucher if it’s one of your favourite places.

A note on tips: don’t be that asshole that tips on the discounted bill. Instead please tip on the ORIGINAL bill amount so the waitrons/therapists don’t loose out. 

Maximum use for Maximum Savings

For my husband’s birthday, I decided to plan an extravaganza of activities. Most within walking distance, all on the Entertainer app.


Breakfast at Knead Bakery, Plattekloof 

First up, breakfast at our favourite spot, Knead. The food never disappoints and the staff recognize our faces. Even without using the Entertainer, we come here often. Service is great, and the food delicious. This morning was no different and even though the place was packed, we got our food faster than expected. Hubby had the Bacon and Cheese Burger (lined the stomach for the beer and gin tasting later the day) and I had my go to Avo Toast with Scrambled Eggs, Feta on Health Seed Bread. The best way to start the day.

Saving: R68


Massage Thyme, Thyme Wellness Plattekloof

This will not be the first or last visit to Thyme Wellness Spa. We experienced their serene spa last year and we definitely couldn’t wait to be treated like royalty again today. We booked the 60 minute Full Body Massage treatment. They accommodated us in the couples room and our therapists did a stellar job of massaging out those stress knots. Be sure to tip them generously, they absolutely deserve it.

Saving: R420


Beer Tasting, Woodstock Brewery

Here we met up with fellow Entertainer friends, and order the Beer Tasting tray on offer. The tray has 5 small tasters of the brewery’s beer served with a guide on the taste, flavour and suggested accompaniments. A firm favourite has always been the Hazy Daze, their signature Belgium Wit Bier. We were also privy to tasting the brand new Mr Brownstone Hazelnut Brown Ale, the smell of it alone will make you float on air.

Saving: R30 per tasting


Gin Tasting and Cocktails, Woodstock Gin Co.

This one hurt, but it was a good hurt and it was only felt the next morning. The host was fantastic in explaining the 3 different gins on offer and it was great to learn more about what we were drinking. I never knew Gin was basically made with other alcohol sources like wine and beer. A firm favourite among the ladies was the Rooibos Tea Gin with Ginger Ale, and the gentlemen naturally loved the Beer-based Gin using Darling Bone Crusher.

Saving: R50 per tasting, R50 per cocktail


Escape Games, Hint Hunt

Here is where the fun and games really started, especially after the before-mentioned activities. We were 4 couples, split in half and played the Submarine Room. Both teams were on the verge of solving the room but unfortunately none of us escaped in time. I blame the gin! It did provide a fantastic topic of conversation for the rest of the evening filled with embarrassing moments , logic fails but loads of laughter.

Saving: R228 per couple


Dinner, Sangrita Tequila Bar

Naturally, we had to choose a restaurant within walking distance from all the above activities due to the bulk of it including alcohol. Closing it off at a Tequila Bar might not have been the wisest choice but what’s done is done. The restaurant was pretty empty which may have been a good thing because the gentlemen turned the evening on its head. Out waitress, Lauren, was patient with the debauchery and remained friendly throughout the evening and made sure the tequila was flowing. The bar had an extensive list of tequila choices, which I did not indulge in at all (Me + Tequila = Instavom) but I did enjoy the Chilli Poppers that was served. Mains were a variety of nachos, chimichangas and burgers around the table, and judging by the size of the portions, it was good enough for all at that point of the night.

Saving: approx. R100 per couple



All in all, it was a fantastic day courtesy of the Entertainer and it’s deals. Organizing the day was quite a bit of admin but absolutely worth it. The app has definitely pushed us out of our comfort zone and ensures that we try everything. At least once!

Total Savings per couple for the day: R946



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