Sweat: Functional Fit Plan – 1000 Reps Challenge 1


The ultimate workout – a 1000 Reps Challenge! To be honest with you lot, I’ve never reached the full 1000 reps for my own workout BUT it’s always a good way to track my progress in terms of strength and endurance, and to push my limits. I dare you to take try this one and not sweat buckets!

Time: 45min Capped


Aim for 10 rounds of 10 Exercises (10 Reps Each).

Equipment Required:

  • Pull Up Bar
  • Barbell
  • Kettlebell
  • Set of Dumbbells

View the video instructions under 1000 Reps 1 on my Highlight Reel on Instagram. Download a PDF copy from Dropbox

FFP - 1000 Reps 1-page-001 (1)


Any questions, please don’t hesitate to

  • Comment on this post;
  • Drop me a DM on Instragam; or
  • E-mail via the button on my IG Profile

DisclaimerI am not a qualified personal trainer. This series is a collection of workouts that I have compiled for my own personal use and wanted to share with the world.
By using this guide, you are acknowledging that I am not a qualified personal
trainer, and that all workouts are performed at your own risk. I am not liable for any injury or harm that may come from using this guide.

© 2018 Lucinda Viljoen.  All rights reserved


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