In the spirit of all things Water Crisis, it reminded me of these lyrics I wrote for Junkyard Lipstick a few years ago.

No protection, no solution
Found for this pandemic
Immune & defences
Broken down & destroyed
No vaccine available
No one left to find a cure
Panic soiled the planet
Preparing it for its diseased damnation

The world abandoned
Few survivors hide underground
Surrounded by mass grave
Infected moans & screams
Chaos Contagious
Contracted by all
Carrying the disease
Bio terror cells

All infect, all dead
With every drop of water
Worldwide it multiplied
With every breath of air
It travelled through their bodies
Attacking muscles, nerves & brains
Shattering their bones
Until nothing remained

It spread like a wild fire
On a windy Cape Town day
The world had to be cleansed
There was no other way
With nowhere to hide
Their mouths filled with froth
The chaos I created
With a simple hacking cough

Listen to the songΒ here



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