Travel Notes: Zanzibar 2.0 [2014]

The one trip that I did not keep a travel log for. I do remember it being a spur of the moment, deal of a lifetime trip with an all-inclusive 7 night stay the Dream of Zanzibar resort in December 2014. And a few moments that of course stuck with me although I cannot remember the order of events.

Our second time to Zanzibar was more relaxed as we knew what to expect. The resort was magnificent and we shared many intoxicating moments. Mainly due to exhaustion from the year past and the cocktails that were drunk from 11am in the morning.

The resort was luxurious with air conditioned rooms, many restaurants to choose from for meals and waitrons that served drink after drink after drink. Gosh the debauchery on this trip! Especially when going through the photos 3 years later.


We spent our days lazing about on the beach, splashing in the warm clear water, cooling down in the pool and eating every course and every meal possible. There was the expedition on the kayak, this time way better than the last, where we stopped in the middle of the ocean. Surrounded by no one and on the hunt for fish and any weird creature we’d spot and film with the GoPro.


There was a day spent at the resort Spa with back massages, a sauna (even in that humidity) and in the jacuzzi. Accompanied by more drinks of course! Another day we spent in Stone Town, exploring the local markets with their fresh fish and fruit, visiting the underground basements where slaves were kept.

Another day we went out on a boat excursion in Nungwi to hopefully see some more scenes from Finding Nemo but I got terribly sea sick and the waves were way bigger than last time. We free dived and I remember eventually settling into the water, floating about and looking below to see how far down the ocean floor was. I couldn’t see it btw!


This trip was the one trip were we had so much fun that I had forgotten to write, where we got lost in the culture, experienced theΒ Masai tribe dancing and felt pure happiness.

Unfortunately this was also the trip where I landed in hospital on the way back home due to food poisoning in Johannesburg after having a fillet steak (after a week of just fresh fish). Passed out and rushed to ER, it was the scariest experience of my life but even that couldn’t ruin the amazing memories of this trip.



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