Music Notes: Top Albums for 2017

This is my favourite albums of 2017, in no particular order. I’ve always said that I’m married to Heavy Metal but Punk is my sugardaddy. My taste in music may be on the darker side but I’m open to listening to anything that will feed my soul, put a smile on my face or bring a tear to my eye i.e. anything that makes me feel something. You can access the below albuns here Google Music Playlist

1. Persefone – Aathma
If I had to choose my album of the year, this one would be a massive contender. This was my first introduction to Persefone’s mastery of the progressive genre. Couple this with the Yoga journey I’ve been on the last year, the music has been a meditative and breath-taking experience.

On Repeat: Living Waves, Aathma Part I, II, II, IV2

2. Propaghandi – Victory Lap
My most anticipated release of 2017 and of course it did not disappoint. This band has been my obsession for a good few months now and I really cannot stop listening to them. The album is a bit more cheerful than their prior releases but with the same intelligent song writing and lyrical content.

On Repeat: Victory Lap, Nigredo


3. Kreator – Gods of Violence
Another contender for album of the year. Kreator has not disappointed at all with their last few releases and this one is no different. The album has some extent (Satan is Real, really guys? Catchy as hell tune tho) of cheese but I will allow as the intensity, production and their usual anthems make this one killer album.

On Repeat: Side by Side, World War Now


4. Iron Reagan – CrossOver Ministry
If I ever was to play in a band again, Iron Reagan would most likely be the biggest influence. I love their short, honest and raw sound delivered with cheeky aggression. Best listened to in its entirety all in one go while attempting to finish a case of beer while you’re at it or having a heated political debate after finishing that case of beer.

On Repeat: Fuck the Neighbours, Dogsnotgods,

Iron Reagan - CrossOver Ministry

5. Municipal Waste – Slime & Punishment
If Iron Reagan made it on here, it’s only natural that Municipal Waste made it to. Why? Mainly because the bands are both fun and I’m all for fun music these days. Distinctly different yet just as fast, I’ve always loved the fun, party element of the band with its clever and humoristic approach to lyrics. The mixture of speed and hardcore really satisfies the ears.

On Repeat: Think Fast, Breathe Grease


Municipal Waste - Slime & Punishment

6. Obituary – Obituary
Cause of Death is one of my all-time favourite death metal albums. Even though this is not comparable, the album is easy listening and produced well enough for it to be up there with their best. The band’s unique approach and sound has always made listening pleasurable and headbanging involuntary. And they delivered it perfectly live too.

On Repeat: End it Now, Lesson in Vengeance


Ester Segarra

7. Morbid Angel – Kingdom Disdained
The masters are back. And thank god this time around it’s phenomenal. Back to their roots with thundering blast beats and crunching riffs.

On Repeat: D.E.A.D,

Morbid Angel - Kingdom Disdained

8. All for Nothing – Minds Awake/Hearts Alive
Hardcore has been making such a great comeback and I’m absolutely loving it. We need more positive aggression imho. And All For Nothing delivers just that in this balls-to-the-wall album. Perfect soundtrack for a shitty day or a good sweat.

On Repeat: Push Through


All for Nothing - Minds Awake, Hearts Alive

9. Daughter – Music from Before the Storm
My wildcard. I mentioned before that I will listen to anything if it feeds my soul and Daughter just does that. This band has inspired a softness and calmness I never had before with their simple yet satisfying approach to make music.

On Repeat: The Right Way Around, All I Wanted


Daughter - Music from Before the Storm

10. Grave Pleasures – Motherblood
Been a fan of this band since their Beastmilk days. I am absolutely in love with the deep vocals and prog rock with a gothic touch.

On Repeat: Joy through Death, Atomic Christ


Grave Pleasures - Motherblood

11. Shadow of Intent – Reclaimer
Probably the best recommendation I received from a friend in 2017. Reminiscent of Fleshgod Apocalypse but yet unique. That moment when you have an out of body experienced and you cannot control your reaction to the music you are hearing. I was literally blown away by the musicianship of this band. My first introduction to this band was via their instrumental album, also released this year. Highly recommended if the vocals is not your thing.

On Repeat: The Horror Within, The Heretic Prevails


Shadow of Intent - Reclaimer

12. Sepultura – Machine Messiah
This album imho is a huge fuck you to all Sepultura’s naysayers. The album starts with the title track, a hypnotic pull and thrashes you with “I am the Enemy”. I’ve always loved the South American influence in their music and on this album there’s more than enough to make your ears twitch with pleasure. The composition of the songs keeps your attention and curiosity throughout. Casagrande’s drumming is some of the best I’ve seen and heard amongst his generation.

On Repeat: Phantom Self, I am the Enemy, Sworn Oath

Sepultura - Machine Messiah

13. Cannibal Corpse – Red Before Black
One of my two favourite bands of all time. Of course they were going to make it onto this list. I am a firm believer that this band cannot release a shit album and once again I was proven right. The album is pure brutality (for a lack of a better word) and exactly what you’d expect from Cannibal. No thrills, pure grinding death metal that inspires your inner serial killer.

On Repeat: Corpus Delicti, Code of the Slashers


14. Lich King – The Omniclasm
These guys play fast and they play it well. Whenever I hear this type of speed metal, I get this stupid smile on my face and a menacing laugh starts at the back of my throat. There’s something thrilling about listening to music played at that speed and being impressed, inspired even while your brain’s being thrashed to death. Lich King does exactly that.

On Repeat: Cut the Shit


15. Decapitated – Anticult
The most controversial band of 2017. Don’t let that cloud your judgement. This album is the perfect follow up to Blood Mantra with the same groove and technicality but a unique set of songs to get your head banging.

On Repeat: Earth Scar, Kill the Cult

Decapitated - Anticult

16. Havok – Conformicide
You know it’s going to be a good album when it starts with a killer acoustic intro. Havok’s sound is a mixture of all the greats from the Big Four to a little bit of Exodus and Overkill but with their own spin on it. I’ve always enjoyed it when a band gives some extra attention to the bass in their production, especially when their bassist is this good.

On Repeat: F.P.C, Ingsoc

Havok - Conformicide

17. Mastodon – Emperor of Sand
Honestly, I wasn’t a fan of this band before I saw them live earlier this year at Resurrection Fest. Slightly intoxicated and standing in the warmth of the Spanish sun, their music was the perfect soundtrack and made me feel perfectly content in that very moment. Of course I had to dig into their new release once it came out and loved the pure brilliance of the song writing.

On Repeat: Sultan’s Curse, Steambreather

18. Warbringer – Woe to the Vanquished
Another band I had to see live to be convinced of their brilliance. These guys take their craft seriously and it pays off. Their sound is reminiscent of Exodus with a little less aggression but the same melodic precision.

On Repeat: Remain Violent

Warbringer – Woe to the Vanquished

19. Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence
Speed Metal’s best come back band with epic solos and shrieking vocals, that evokes that same level of excitement mentioned with Lich King. Even better yet when you struggle to contain it and can’t help but sing along.

On Repeat: Anger Within, Feed me Violence, Mental Penitentiary

20. Powertrip – Nightmare Logic

Simplicity at its best. This album proves that you don’t need next level technical ability to make an impact on the listener with it’s powerful, fast paced riffs and drums.

On Repeat: Nightmare Logic, Crucifixation



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